I havent really ran around my neighborhood since last summer. We recently got a Y membership and I have been running there, but treadmill is different. Today i decided to run again and it felt amazing. I gotta pace myself this time so I dont get injured again, but still. Im happy :)

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This juice legit makes me think of a latte. So good.

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I recently learned my centrifugal juicer isnt the best for my money. So I tried just blending my veggies and fruit and straining with the bendy plastic strainer we have so tht I can hand squeeze it. Last time i did this it was very watery because i used to much water to blend. This time i used only a splash of soymilk and blends them in sections. IT TASTES SO FREAKING AMAZING. It tastes like a creamy fruit starbucks drink haha :) Im so please this time. It also tastes a lot smoother than my juicer’s juice.

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